At tellermadsen we consider design to be the communication of ideas in space. Our combined experience in teaching, design, photography and program development allow us to:

  • Help clients to articulate their goals and determine the best ways to achieve them by developing a Master Plan that answers the questions, "What is this all about?" and "Why do we want to do it?".
  • Seek to become partners with our clients in a stimulating collaborative effort that always keeps the visitor in mind.
  • Study our subject matter seriously, yet we've built our reputation on our ability to develop engaging and exciting exhibits.
  • Believe in the quality of ideas and their realization.
  • Seek to educate and entertain, to challenge and delight. Our strengths lie both in telling new stories and in re-telling familiar ones from an original perspective.
Vanderbilt Install
Installation of George Vanderbilt: the Treasures of a Collector.
Biltmore Company; Asheville, North Carolina.