Home Front - Daily Life in the Civil War North
Newberry Library
Chicago, Illinois

From the Introductory Banner: "...the frontlines were not the only landscapes of the war. Countless civilians saw their daily lives upended while the entire nation suffered. This exhibition explores the deep connections between Northern home fronts and Civil War battle fronts, revealing that even those who lived far from the fighting felt the war’s effects every day. Home Front examines the cotton economy, visions of slavery and freedom, Indian wars, war relief work, and women’s changing roles as a result of the cataclysmic conflict. It includes paintings from the Terra Foundation for American Art and books, magazines, photographs, correspondence, sheet music, broadsides, and newspapers from the Newberry Library. Seen together, these objects of daily life demonstrate the profound impact of visual culture in shaping individuals’ understanding of the war."

Exhibit Dates: September 2013 – March 2014

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