Firm Culture Center Heritage Center
Arthur Andersen & Co. SC, Center for Professional Education
St. Charles, Illinois 1987-1993

tellermadsen not only designed and built this exhibition on the values and history of the then-largest accounting firm of the Big 8, but also did all archival and subject matter research and writing. The exhibit was conceived of and developed as three segments: One Vision, One Voice, One Firm - representing the major developments in the Firm's history. Accordingly, there were installations in 1987, 1990, and 1993.

Firm Culture Center

The exhibit is for Arthur Andersen & Co. employees, clients, and guests at the Center. Photographs and documents from the Firm's first four decades are used to directly illustrate company values. An interactive video features the Managing Partner who worked most closely with Arthur Andersen during these years and who led the firm to the top of the profession in the 1960's.

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