Eyewitness to a Century
Claude Pepper Center
Tallahassee, Florida

This 5,000 square foot permanent exhibit explores the life, times, and legacy of Senator Claude Pepper of Florida. Known as "Mr. Senior Citizen" for his efforts on behalf of seniors, the exhibit focuses on Pepper's close relationship with FDR, his undying liberal beliefs (that earned him the nickname "Red Pepper" in the ugly 1950 political primary), his championing of social legislation.

Featured is a Political Pendulum, set yearly by the Museum Director, that assesses America's political mood; an accurate recreation of the well of the House of Representatives where Pepper gave his last great speech; an 'exploded' Time Magazine; a multimedia interactive 'Ask Senator Pepper' kiosk; and a sculpted group of isolationist women hanging Pepper in effigy.

tellermadsen also wrote, directed and produced a three-level audio tour and a 10 minute biographical film that premiered at the U.S. Capitol, as well as a teacher's study guide for the exhibit.

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