Hoop History
Nike Corporation & The Dusable Museum of African American History
Chicago, Illinois

Hoop History chronicles the story of street basketball in Chicago - and goes far beyond Michael Jordan.

The Legends area, based on community input, tells us about the great players who may never have gone beyond the playground but who inspired awe and fear even among the pros. Street Ball recreates a famous south-side gym. Times & Places, a unique timeline set in an el-platform gives the message that Chicagoans, especially African-Americans, used basketball to get out of the ghetto and into schools, professional sports, and business. The story of Hoop Women in the game is shown in a powerful video. And visitors can step in Tim Hardaway's foot steps to try his famous Crossover move for themselves. Hoop History, an exciting blend of facts and fun that traveled to Chicago's Navy Pier and to the Illinois March Madness event.

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